Corporate Information

Message from the President

Established in 1984 as Sugai Seisakusho as a company of manufacturing and design of precision parts and auto parts manufacturing system. Since our incorporation up until now, we have been focusing on handing over of technique and skills by applying new technologies we developed and our state-of-art facilities. We also have been emphasizing education and technical trainings through OJTs and OFFJTs. As a result, we were successful in enhancing one of the highly difficult technologies including research and development of medical equipment.

In the future, in order to enhance functionality of such industries as aero space, medical equipment and automobiles, they will need ultra precision processing, microfabrication of new materials and processing and cutting of materials so fat doing so has been difficult. Those technologies are effective ones in production technologies in Japan, that can differentiate Japan from the rest of the world.In addition, automatic parts production using robots are rapidly progressing in the world and how to stabilize quality and accuracy for processed parts is a problem that should be solved urgently. In other words, manufacturing in the global arena requires understanding from basic theories to actual processing works in detail and technologies that can supply quality products stably. We are determined to unite efforts of the entire employee so that we can gain recognition as a Japanese company that have necessary knowledge and data to bring such technology come true.

We would ask for your continuous support in the years to come.

President and CEO Shigeyoshi Sugai