Privacy Policy

Protecting Personal Information

Sugai Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Sugai) will handle customer information (hereinafter referred to as private information) pursuant to the following policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy)

  • ◆Compliance with Laws and Codes

    We will be in compliance with laws, national guideline and other codes on protection of private information to protect such information appropriately.

  • ◆Acquisition, Utilization and Provision of Private Information

    We will handle Private Information within business activities of ours only and will acquire, utilize and provide such information in order to achieve the target appropriately, in a fair manner and as necessary basis. We will take necessary measures to avoid the information used for other objectives.

  • ◆Appropriate Control of Private Information

    Recognizing more than enough that Private Information we handle is vulnerable against unauthorized access, destruction, falsification and divulgence, we will take appropriate protection measures against the information and should one of the foregoing happen, we will take appropriate corrective measures.

  • ◆Continuous Improvement

    We will establish office regulations on protection of Private Information and a system of controlling it. We will operate such office regulations with the efforts of the entire employees. We will revise the regulations periodically for continuous improvements.

  • ◆Response to Inquiries

    We will make appropriate response to those who want to disclose their own information to them, who want to correct them, who want us to stop using their private information and to the owners' complaints and consultations.

  • ◆Improvements and Revisions to the Policy

    We will try to improve the Policy continuously. The Policy is subject to revision should there be an amendment and when it is necessary in the opinion of this Company.

Established on February 26, 2015
Sugai Corporation
2331-17, Ichinohara, Inabecho, Inabe City Mie 511-0201.